When should I start preparing my child for the 11+ or an Entrance Exam?

In an ideal world you should give your child at least 2 years preparation for an Entrance Exam (11+). That means starting to plan from the beginning of year 4.

The more preparation the better.

If your child was attending a prep school they would be practising & preparing regularly. Last minute revision only works for a very small number of candidates.

Does your child need a tutor?

Maybe not. Maybe.

If you have time & expertise your child won’t need a tutor.

If your child is behind at the start of Year 4 you won’t need a tutor. Please be realistic. Entrance exams are not for every one. Focus on your child’s strengths. Everyone has talent, it just might not be in education.

If your child is doing well at school & you don’t have the time or expertise to help, then get a tutor!

Please make sure your child’s tutor is a fully qualified teacher with a DBS check. Ask to see their qualifications!

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