English & Maths Tuition

We offer tuition in  English and maths to children aged 5 – 16.  Children come to Chorlton Tuition Centre for a variety of reasons including:

  • Falling behind in school and struggling to keep up in class
  • Children who lack confidence
  • Children whose first language is not English
  • Poor literacy skills Specific learning difficulties such as dyslexia
  • Extra help with SAT’s, 11+ and entrance exams
  • GCSE study revision

Maths Tuition

Tutoring in maths for students aged 6 – 16 is one of the foundation programmes at the Chorlton Tuition Centre.

Our centres have helped thousands of children who were struggling with maths to acquire the skills they needed to succeed in school and life.

Our accelerated learning programme targets students aged 6 – 16 in all maths grades and streams.

Whether your child needs:

  • Help with maths basics
  • Maths homework help
  • Help with more advanced maths problems
  • Help understanding new concepts introduced in years 8, 9 and 10

Specific areas of maths tuition include;

  • Basic Number Skills
  • Mental Maths
  • Times Tables
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percentages
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Problem Solving
  • Time
  • Money
  • Place Value
  • Measurement
  • End of Year exams
  • Ratio
  • Probability

Our Maths Tutoring programme is the answer for your child’s maths difficulties. A thorough understanding of basic maths is required before students can progress, so it is important that the source of any difficulty is identified and addressed early.

AN INITIAL ASSESSMENT is conducted for every student to identify areas of weakness and so an individually tailored study programme can be designed.

Our fully trained and qualified tutors create a positive learning environment that makes achievement natural.

Course Highlights

  • Combination of face to face teaching and stimulating computer drills
  • Caring and committed tutors
  • Varied activities to hold students’ interest
  • Progress is consolidated with weekly maths homework
  • Parents are provided with regular feedback and updates on progress
  • Educational games help make maths fun


Useful Links

11+ entrance exams: www.elevenplusexams.co.uk

How we Assess your Child

The initial educational assessment is a very important step in determining your child’s current working levels and will highlight areas of weakness or gaps that have formed in learning. The initial assessment fee is £28 which is taken off the first lesson fee. The results enable us to create an individual learning programme for your child and helps us to set up lesson plans.  Children attend for 80 minute sessions and are given a little homework each week to complete at home.  We encourage the students to attempt homework without parental help as this also helps us identify strengths and weaknesses. Contact us to arrange for your free initial assessment.

Maths Expert

Maths CAN be more. Are you the kind of student who…

  • Wants to be challenged in Maths
  • Finds math boring because it’s too easy and you already know that basic stuff
  • Needs high achievement in Maths for entry into maths intensive uni courses
  • Is good at maths and wants to do even better
  • Would much rather learn maths on the computer than from a boring old textbook

If so, the Chorlton Tuition Centre maths programme may be the solution for you.

This programme, while tutor-aided, allows students to progress at their own pace. You can move quickly through activities to more complex and advanced problems to improve your skills and continually keep challenged.

The fully computer-based learning programme includes fantastic features such as:

  • Hints, Tips and topic introductions on maths at all levels
  • Fully worked solutions for senior maths solutions
  • A high function graphics calculator
  • The ability to customise activities and monitor your own achievements


English Tuition

Chorlton Tuition Centre provides English tutoring for students who are having difficulty in reading, spelling, comprehension, writing and spelling.

Development of good English language skills is essential for student success at school and university.

All children are given an initial assessment to identify areas where learning needs to be concentrated. An individual learning programme is tailored for your child based on the assessment results.

Reading is the foundation of all education and a skill which must be encouraged and developed.  However, some children find the process a challenging and frustrating mountain to climb. At Chorlton Tuition Centre we will teach your child to read using a combination of phonics and sight word recognition designed to target reading comprehension. Our tuition aims to resolve areas of confusion and bring your child up to a comfortable level which allows him or her to achieve vital academic goals.

An English tutoring programme may consist of activities to develop:

  • Reading
  • Spelling
  • Phonics
  • Handwriting
  • Creative Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Structure
  • Sentence Construction
  • Punctuation
  • Essay Writing
  • Dyslexia Support
  • End of Year Exam preparation
  • 11+ preparation
  • GCSE preparation

Each lesson consists of a combination of activities including:

  • Face to face teaching
  • Written activities
  • Stimulating computer based learning


11+ entrance exams

We provide a bespoke Entrance Exam preparation programme specifically tailored to the Trafford Grammar School system.

We offer tuition in 11+ maths, English, Non-Verbal Reasoning, Verbal reasoning and creative writing.

All our 11+ pupils receive online access to 11+ materials included in the price of tuition.

We run Mock Exam sessions during Spring and Summer term and tailored 11+ skills workshops during school holidays.

Last minute 11+ tuition? We can help!

We offer online resources (included in tuition fees) and are open throughout August, offering 11+ workshops in English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning and Mock Exams in addition to great value 2 hour Summer School sessions



We provide science tutoring for ages 11-16 in Biology, Chemistry, Physics or General Science.



GCSE Maths

In today’s world it is necessary for most occupations and further education courses to gain at least a “C” grade at GCSE Maths. At Chorlton Tuition Centre we aim to pinpoint a student’s areas of weakness and bring them to a level that enables success at the test.
For those students who are doing either foundation or the higher tier, a thorough grasp of topics covered in the curriculum is required to achieve their best grade and a knowledge of how these topics relate to each other.

Because we work to the individual needs of the students, we can establish why a student fails to grasp a topic and correct any mistakes to ensure the student now has all the background needed to understand.

Our combination of targeted reinforcement of mathematical facts and past paper practice will ensure your child is ready for the test.

GCSE English

Understanding the content of written text and being able to extract information or data from it is a very important skill. Achieving a good result in GCSE English can be surprisingly difficult. Unlike other subjects, there are few facts. Rather, GCSE English is almost entirely focussed on acquiring skills – principally reading and writing.

At Chorlton Tuition Centre we give students the confidence to write an essay with fluency and structure, developing their comments and observations appropriately for an examiner.

We concentrate on improving comprehension, spelling, grammar and essay writing skills to produce a well rounded student, ready for the exams.

As the students approach their exams they are able to work through past papers under exam conditions, which are marked with the examination board’s criteria in mind.





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