“Great staff, always helpful with scheduling classes to suit me. Always give lots of constructive feedback. Highly recommended.” Yasar Ahmed

“An excellent learning environment where children thrive and the owner and staff are supportive of the parents too.” Krys Cieslik

“Our son Isaac and daughter Caroline really enjoy their time at Chorlton tuition. Teachers are excellent and focus on the child’s individual needs. We would highly recommend this service.” Mick McKernan

“I can’t fault the staff or the service provided by Chorlton Tuition Centre. Both of my sons have made excellent progress academically and gained massively in confidence. I have, in fact, recommended Chorlton Tuition Centre to several of my friends and they have also been really impressed!” Hannah Ware

“Amazing centre with fabulous teachers! Such a positive, happy environment which ensures confidence building!” Margaret Saxton Fraser-Smith

“The Chorlton Tuition Centre has helped me improve so much with my Maths.  I have gone a few levels higher with my grades.  The staff here are very helpful”. E., Year 9

“ I like coming here because it is helping me learn.” Aaliyah, Year 7

“ It seems as if the employees enjoy working here. I enjoy the lessons here.” Iman, Year 8

“ I would really recommend students to come to Chorlton Tuition Centre, whether you are in Primary School, Secondary School or Further Studies. The help & support at the Centre is excellent.” Zohra, Year 11

“I really enjoy coming to the Chorlton & Didsbury Tuition Centres. Since I have been coming here my levels have increased in English & Maths. I just can’t fault this place. I would recommend it.” Perez, Year 9

“Coming here has helped me gain confidence.” Sajeel, Year 11

“Coming here is amazing!” Peter, Year 8

“ If I didn’t go to the Chorlton Tuition Centre I would not have known about Verbal Reasoning and Non Verbal Reasoning. “ Nuhan, Year 5

“They help you to boost your grade.” Adam, Year 11

“ I enjoyed coming here because it has improved my English & Maths.” Jack, Year 11

“ Attending the Chorlton Tuition Centre has enabled me to build confidence in Maths. I look forward to coming every week with my tutor.” David, Year 12

“ I enjoy coming to Chorlton Tuition Centre. Compared to the other Tuition Centres I have been to this is by far the best.” Raheema, Year 9

“ I have been here since Year 6 in Primary School. I have had an amazing time and have improved constantly due to the wonderful tutors at Chorlton Tuition Centre.” Amina, Year 11

“I like coming here because it helps me with my school work.” Miracle, Year 10

“ I like to come because it has helped me to progress with English & Maths.” Rabia, Year 8

“I like coming to Chorlton Tuition Centre because it helps me with my 11+.” Zahra, Year 4

“I come to  Chorlton Tuition Centre so I can improve on my Maths and English skills; I am in year 7 and there are just 3 more years until my GCSE’s and I need to work very hard so I can at least get an A grade or maybe an A*. I am also set one in most subjects so I can’t fall behind.” R.M, Year 7

“I come here to improve my education. I think Chorlton has really helped me I have learnt things that sometimes they don’t teach me at school” O.A, Year 5

“I come here to improve my maths and numeracy skills,  we practised methods and got a good score in class. The school have moved up my target grade. I enjoy coming here because my maths has improved immensely. “ Z.N, Year 7

“I enjoy coming to Chorlton because every week a new challenge is waiting for me. Everything is done at my pace, not too slow, not too fast. Topics I may not understand at school, I come here and work on those topics. The homework that is set is really fun to attempt because I always end up coming back to ask about questions I do not understand. Then I find out that I learnt something that I’ve never come across before. A.C. Year 6

I would recommend Chorlton to everyone as it is a friendly environment where you will learn lots of things!” Y.R, Year 8

“When I come to Chorlton it is really fun because every week I learn something new. Some work is hard but Graeme helps me  along with other helpers. At the end of the lessons I get to play on the educational games on the computer (I try to get a high score). This place is great. I wake up early to come here because it inspires me to learn more and from this tuition I get high marks in my exams.” S.A, Year 7

“I enjoy coming here to improve my abilities and strengthen my skills.” T.A, Year 7

“Chorlton Tuition Centre is a lovely place to enhance your learning in English, Maths and Science.” A.C, Year 7

“Going to Chorlton has helped to build up my confidence in Maths and improve areas I am weakest in – it has made a noticeable improvement in my ability.” F.D. Year 11

“Chorlton has really helped me achieve my grades I wanted, and all the staff are great help in motivating us” Asia, Year 11

“I think Chorlton is perfect for you  because it teaches good things which makes your learning even better” Zain, Year 8

“Coming to Chorlton has allowed me to develop my literacy skills and improve my spelling and grammar” Lizzie,  Year 11

“I started coming here at the age of 10 and found it extremely helpful; 6 years later, and I’m still here. Chorlton is definitely the place to be if you’re out to be amongst the best!” S.R, Year 11

“I went from getting C’s to now getting A’s. Is a good environment to be in” M.O, Year 11

“I really enjoy coming to Chorlton as there is a warm welcome and support in my work. Additionally it really helped me in my school work as I have improved massively. Chorlton Tuition Centre is a supporting, friendly centre which has helped me a lot in my school work.” Amina, Year 10

“Chorlton Tuition Centre is learning in a fun way, they challenge you to aim for the best result and grade. You learn so much in 1 session like if you are a level 5 they challenge you into learning for level 7 work like me. They have all the best resources and books to help you that you’ll never forget Chorlton has boosted me to a new level and start so I would recommend it to anyone.” Alicia, Year 8

“I think Chorlton Tuition Centre is good because when I was struggling in maths and English I came here and it helped me. I think it is good for people who struggle, they can come here and they can learn to be better.” Z.S, Year 10

“Chorlton is a great educational centre, as you are getting help and extra support that’s in your work, i.e. English & Maths. I.C. Year 5

I really enjoy attending Chorlton as I feel that problems I have with my work are fully explained. My progress grades at school improve, I meet new people such as the staff/teachers/tutors who are great as they make sure you understand each topic after each session.” D.M, Year 11

“Chorlton tuition is a very helpful education centre. The tutors are very experienced and always help you whenever you need it. They give you work according to your ability and don’t give you anything you can’t do.” A.R, Year 1

“I’ve enjoyed coming to Chorlton tuition centre because if you do not understand anything they try their hardest to explain what the person doesn’t know.” Mohammed, Year 8

“I like Chorlton because all the people there are really friendly and they help a lot. You can learn a lot of stuff , you can ask for help and it’s fun.” Andrew, Year 7





Chorlton Didsbury Tutor Tuition Centre