Parents & children take responsibility!

As an experienced ex-teacher I know how hard my colleagues work. I was the N.U.T. representative for over 10 years. If I was the secretary of state for Education things would be very different.

This is not a post about schools. This post is for parents & children! Many parents chat to me about their children & sometimes lack of progress. The vast majority blame the school. I’ve even had parents complain about teachers that I know, that have done a brilliant job with one of my own children! Parents, you have to take responsibility for the education & progress of your own children. The child belongs to you, they are your responsibility. If your child isn’t reading then please do something about this! It’s never too late! Please give some time to your children, turn off the TV & your screens & go for a walk or play a game. Ask your child how their day was, how they are feeling.If your child is in Primary School please make time to read them a bed time story, there are so many good books¬† to read. As I’m sure you are aware childhood doesn’t last long. Lecture over!

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