Pandemic Holidays

After the 6 weeks summer holidays children can fall behind at school.

If you know any teachers personally you could ask them to confirm this.

I have completed a number of assessments over the last week or so & my conclusions about the usual 6 weeks holidays are magnified. Some children have now not been to school for over 14 weeks. No Maths or English lessons. Yes I know they may have had some work packs or computer programs. But make no mistake, unless you have designed a daily timetable for your child & followed it through diligently, your child will have fallen behind  during the coronavirus pandemic.

Chorlton Tuition Centre can help. We are open over the summer holidays. We will be open in September 7 days a week.

All our tutors are fully qualified teachers.

We are Ofsted registered. We have won several awards for our services.

Call Chorlton Tuition Centre today 0161-860 6888

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