Choosing a Tuition Centre

There are different types of Tuition Centres across the country, don’t be fooled into thinking they all offer the same service and quality.

Certain chains or franchises should have the same service, just as branches of subway do.

Always be aware of the qualifications of the staff. If you are looking for no pressure fun tuition some of these chains might be suitable for your child. Others only use fully qualified teachers.All these Centres should be Ofsted registered for your peace of mind. Check before you enrol. Private Tuition Centres can be very different to chains. Always check for the ratio of children to tutors. Be wary of the price! Cheap usually means cheap- don’t be expecting a good service or fully qualified staff. If the price seems high you might be paying for the owner’s franchise fee. Never expext a quick fix wherever you go, education takes time & cramming brings stress to all involved.


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