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Are Chorlton Tuition Centre’s lessons all on a computer?


Many new parents ask this question.

The reason for the question often comes because the parent has been to a well down tuition provider (who don’t use fully qualified teachers) which relies solely on the use of computers.

The answer to the question is NO.

When children come to Chorlton Tuition Centre their 80 minute session is split into 4-6 manageable sections. The sections are planned to be varied & might include a computer activity because of that reason.

The majority of the time is spent using pens/pencils and exercise books.

For further questions call Graeme at Chorlton Tuition Centre 0161-860 6888.

Will tuition help my child?

At Chorlton Tuition Centre the lessons last 80 minutes. If your child attended weekly during term times that would be 40 weeks x 80 minutes = 3200 minutes= just over 53 hours per year. If you add the homework we provide, for example, 30 minutes  (although it could be more) x 40 weeks =  1200…Continue Reading

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