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Should I be preparing my child for 11+ in Year 1?

In Year 1 parents should ensure that their child is achieving the expected levels of the National Curriculum. If their child is doing this & school can confirm so then the parent should aim to get their child ahead within the National Curriculum. All the objectives can be found online.

Simply preparing for a test in the distant future with no acknowledgement of current progress be futile.—year-1

Test Preparation

Exam technique sometimes depends on the test. Some things remain the same. In the build up to the test…   Prepare a revision timetable for the build up to your exams. At which time of the day do you work better? I always preferred mornings. Get plenty of sleep and be healthy. Go for a…Continue Reading

It’s never too late for tuition

It’s never too late in life. It’s never too late for your child. In my first teaching post a parent asked me the question. ” Will my child always be behind at school?” My thoughts then are my thoughts now. It’s never too late to catch up. It’s never too late to get ahead! At…Continue Reading

Manchester Tuition

Why choose Chorlton Tuition Centre for your child? Fully qualified, experienced, friendly, local teachers. Ofsted registered. Detailed feedback after every session. Tuition is provided in a professionally equipped centre, which is conducive to learning. We are professional tutors with 15 years experience. Award winning tuition centre. For more details & to book your child’s free…Continue Reading

11+ tuition in Manchester

For tuition and guidance on all things 11+ related in Manchester call Chorlton Tuition Centre Fully qualified teachers Ofsted registered 15 years of tutoring expertise Manchester’s most popular tuition centre Open 7 days a week Call 0161-860 6888Continue Reading

Grammar Schools Questions!!

How much time should my child be spending each week preparing for Entrance Exams? Have I left it too late? Which is the best grammar school? Do I live too far away? Can I buy a real test ? Can I get a bursary?   For answers to these and other 11+ related questions book…Continue Reading

Grammar School Parent’s Evening

Gaining entry to a Grammar School is just the start of your child’s journey. If your child is successful, congratulations! The hard work is just beginning. Last night I attended my daughter’s Year 8 Parent’s Evening at AGGS. Meeting all her subject teachers was reassuring. Standards and expectations are rightly very high. All homework must…Continue Reading

11+ memories

Nobody prepared for Entrance Exams or 11+ in 1977 or the experiences that were to follow. Of course, it did help if you were bright and listened at school. In those days Grammar Schools didn’t warn parents about over tutoring. Times were different. So it was a level playing field.. I wasn’t to know it…Continue Reading

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