Stuck with 11+

Stuck with 11+ multiple choice questions? Time is limited, you have to make a choice. Any choice is better than not answering at all. Leave the question alone. BUT you must make sure that you come back later! When we practise at Chorlton Tuition Centre this is what we do. More often than not when…Continue Reading

Exams! Exams! Exams!

Be tactical when taking your exams. There is no rule that says you have to answer question number 1 first. Start where you feel confident. Keep an eye on the clock to give yourself enough time to answer all the questions and to go back & check your answers!Continue Reading

Reading Rules!

Developing the enjoyment of reading from the earliest age is the key to enjoying reading later in life. Grades at most GCSE subjects and beyond can be improved. Reading

Exam Preparation

Preparing for your exam You  have made a revision timetable And followed your plan! You have practised your skills, not just gone over past papers   Before the exam Make sure you get enough sleep Drink enough water Eat a good breakfast!   Call Chorlton Tuition Centre 0161-860 6888Continue Reading

Exam Technique

Exam technique is vital if you are to get the highest possible mark in an exam. Practise exam style questions against the clock at least a month before the exam. Keep an eye on the time throughout your exam. Answer the questions you are confident with first. Try to finish early to give yourself time…Continue Reading

Test Preparation

Exam technique sometimes depends on the test. Some things remain the same. In the build up to the test…   Prepare a revision timetable for the build up to your exams. At which time of the day do you work better? I always preferred mornings. Get plenty of sleep and be healthy. Go for a…Continue Reading

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