11+ memories

Nobody prepared for Entrance Exams or 11+ in 1977 or the experiences that were to follow. Of course, it did help if you were bright and listened at school. In those days Grammar Schools didn’t warn parents about over tutoring. Times were different. So it was a level playing field.. I wasn’t to know it…Continue Reading


11+ Memories! It was in May 1977 at St Herbert’s RC Primary School, Chadderton, when I took an 11+ test for the esteemed Cardinal Langley Grammar School in Middleton. No preparation had taken place. Nobody expected to pass the test. It was assumed that the children at our school would attend the local high¬† school…Continue Reading

Experienced Tutor Required

Looking for experienced Tutor with a background of working with children with Learning Difficulties. Parents of 7 year old with a diagnosis of ASD who currently attends main stream primary school with support. 1 x 60 minute session (ideally Saturday mornings) split between child (30-40 minutes) and parents setting work that they can do in…Continue Reading

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