Easter Holiday Tuition

Monday 8th April 10-12    &      1-3               11+ mock exams 4-5:20     &     5:30-6:50     tuition sessions   Tuesday 9th April 10-11:20    &    11:30-12:50   Wednesday 10th April 10-11:20   &   11:30-12:50   Thursday 11th April 10-11:20   &   11:30-12:50   Friday 12th April 10-11:20   & …Continue Reading

Stretford Grammar School

Mock Entrance Exams for Stretford Grammar School, Sale Grammar School and Urmston Grammar School. Also for Altrincham Grammar School for Girls. Call Chorlton Tuition Centre to book your child’s Mock Entrance Exam in the Easter Holidays 0161-860 6888.Continue Reading

Family Business

Chorlton Tuition Centre is family business. With 15 years experience of owning & operating a tuition centre and having 3 children of our own then where better to send your child than Chorlton Tuition Centre? Add that to 15 years of classroom experience in a variety of settings and successful Entrance Exam tuition to my…Continue Reading

KS3 exam tuition

For KS3 exam tuition Maths, English Language or English Literature call Graeme at Chorlton Tuition Centre. 0161-860 6888 Fully qualified, experienced teachers. Ofsted registered. Manchester’s most popular Tuition Centre. Award winners. Operating for 15 years.Continue Reading

SATs tuition in Manchester

SATs tuition is available at Chorlton Tuition Centre in Manchester. Why choose us? Fully qualified, experienced teachers. Purpose built tuition centre. 15 years successful tuition. Manchester’s most popular tuition centre. Award winning tuition centre. Call 0161-860 6888Continue Reading

Stuck with 11+

Stuck with 11+ multiple choice questions? Time is limited, you have to make a choice. Any choice is better than not answering at all. Leave the question alone. BUT you must make sure that you come back later! When we practise at Chorlton Tuition Centre this is what we do. More often than not when…Continue Reading

Exams! Exams! Exams!

Be tactical when taking your exams. There is no rule that says you have to answer question number 1 first. Start where you feel confident. Keep an eye on the clock to give yourself enough time to answer all the questions and to go back & check your answers!Continue Reading

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